Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Avon’s SuperCurlacious & SuperShock

I’m not really to big into the fake lashes.  Will I wear them yes but I have long lashes naturally so I’ve been playing with different mascaras and here is my report so far.

 Avon SuperCurlacious

  • Does clump
  • Don’t hope to reapply twice or three times 
  • It does give the effect you would like with the upward curl. 
  • The brush is actually hard plastic and not that fiber so its very different.
  • Not waterproof



The Left eye has the SuperCurlacious and the Right eye is all natural.





Avon’s Super SHOCK

  • My favorite with Length, depth, and curl
  • No Clumping on first or second reapply
  • Hard plastic applicator
  • I just love the effect I get with this mascara
  • Waterproof


Same thing applies with these pictures.  Left eye SuperShock and Right eye All  natural.  HUGE Difference


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