Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ATL Part 2–Tourist & the Hood Lenox

Can you say CHEEZY!  So, George is a friend from ATL who is a photographer and amazing friend to have.  I always would tell George I was on my way out to ATL and never show or just don’t make it.  So, I told him when I came this time.  He would have to take Tourist photos with me.  I now have proof of this first time visit and great meet! 



Of course the guard messed up our photos with the big tricycle.  I touched it anyways!!  Hung over and so sleepy I still manage these awesome shots.  I can’t wait to lose my stomach.  I hate it in all these pictures even though I had a shirt on underneath it.  Imagine what Dee was thinking as he snapped these photos.  lol,

Welcome to the HOOD LENOX!!! No shame in my Game! 

Visit booth L4 for the best prices and everyone is Muslim so don’t hit the booth at pray time.


I also got the Double Zipper Louis.


I would like to thank Jazz in L- 16 booth for hooking a bitch eyebrows up!  I’m not going to lie – I was scared at first.  Check out those before and after.IMAG0903IMAG0839

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