Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ATL Part 1–After night fall

Naturally, I have my PMS attitude on and just because Dee likes to entertain my flips when its that time of the month.  We had the worlds stupidest fight but of course made up afterwards because we went to Mansions Elan (3595 CLAIRMONT RD) Formerly Dreamz AtlMB_afterparty_800.  So, when we first got there of course we looked sexy as always together.  Color Coordinated for some reason every time we step out.  So, we met George and it was an amazing set up.  I felt like I was walking in to the arena that the Gladiators fought the lions in.  There was a racetrack style bar and of course we got up really quick to find our spot.  After my Dee got rubbed down by some random chick in the club we stood at the bar all night just watching.  Of course, we had shots and the end of the night well let’s just say was not the best due to McDonalds. 


All I have to say is girls you know he’s awesome when you wake up and you have your sleeping cap on and he cleaned your dress, blanket, and somethings’ in the car because of the “food poisoning” from McDonalds ^_^… 


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