Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ATL part 1

Of Course it would take us til about 10 AM to leave Columbia.  I love it when we have eventful weekends because it just makes me realize a little more why I love my lifestyle and why I strive harder to finish school. 

First, the reason black folks didn’t even leave the house until 10 AM.  The night prior we went to meet Dee’s friend, Brandy for herIMG_0834 birthday.  She was really sweet and welcoming and the only female he has introduce me to.  Of course, we didn’t get there until late because well I spoke to 4 classes for career day which I almost backed out of but so happy I went.  Check out my certificate.

After getting off a 12 hour night shift best believe the last thing on my mind was doing but very excited I went.  My first ever all black elementary school very interesting.



Then of course, I had to get the hair done and then try and take a nap.   Dee of course had to run around and do a few things.  I also went to go see one of my doctors play.  If your ever able go check out My Affliction very impressed! 

Anyways, the actually trip… Got up wiped the crust from my face along with the smell of man sweat.  Packed in a hurry and then of course, had to take his truck to drop off his four wheeler.  I had to pick up my matching shirts for me and George.  Just before we left for safety reasons, stopped by Honda to pick up the lock for my tires because I’m always thinking of the worst.  Then off to see his family for Thanksgiving.IMAG0893

This is what we looked like rolling down the highway to some old Pastor Troy.  I remember when he was the shit.  lol  Hotter than Texas Pete Hot Sauce.


Oh, by the way of course – we ate GREAT!!! Met his whole family and 10 of the brothers and sisters of his moms.  Love the family togetherness.  They are awesome.  I’m luck to be apart of what they have.

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