Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Walking and Therapy

So, went walking of course there always has to be something pretty to look at when you give up ^_^.  Lately the exercising bug has been slowly drifting away and its totally not be worth the pain in my shin.  So, yeah, i'm getting lazy just a little its that time.  Thanks to the personal trainer, Ricky who happens to be Donnovan's other half.  I'm getting free lessons while getting motivated by someone who makes me look like I should be on thinervention on Bravo.  lol  Anyways - I wanted to snap some pictures of one of the places we went to walk supposed to be running at.  I lost some calories so that is all that matters

For about two hours I felt like I was back on Oahu listening to one of the waterfalls that my girls and I would go and hike.  Nothing like a sad moment and a little counseling after a nice walk.

The other one is my screen saver on my cell.  I hope you like the snaps.

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