Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seaweed Soup!! Taking a hit at the Korean Roots.

I bought two types of Seaweed.  One is shredded and it's purple and the other is the actual big leaves and green like traditional one you eat at the restaurants.  I will say mine was not as good but totally worth the experience so yes, I have a little more practice to go before I start inviting others to try. 

Seaweed Soup 101 tips:
  • When soaking seaweed make sure to sprinkle oil on it to help make the dirt come off the seaweed and to help clean it.  Seaweed is dirty so make sure to clean and soak it good to make sure you don't have the extra dirt.
  • the big whole leaves of seaweed need to be soaked prior for up to 2 hours or until soft.  Unlike the smaller shredded parts.  30 minutes is great enough for the smaller pre-shredded packs. 
  • I used more than 3 cups of chicken broth to my soup because I wanted a more chicken taste.
  • I used Garlic Powder instead of Garlic Cloves.  Of course, the cloves would make it less spot that what I had because the powder doesn't melt.
  • Seaweed comes in Purple and Green and some other colors depending on where you buy it don't be freaked out.
  • The purple is good with mixed veggies over rice of course.
Enjoy my pictures under look mom, I can cook.
Purple Seaweed
Traditional Big Seaweed Leaf

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