Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going Greek.. Festival that is

So, this past weekend was the Greek Festival in Downtown Columbia and I had the intentions that it was going to be extra GREEK.  Of course, I did try the only dish that seemed to actually be local. 

I'm seriously thinking maybe it was lamb meet because most Greeks I know love Goat.  I will say that I was highly disappointed in the lack of cultural display and I didn't even feel inspired to take pictures of anything like the vendors and such.  I am happy though to experience the one plate that didn't have any taste and the meet didn't taste like pork, chicken, beef, or some type of bird. lol.  I will say when I think of Greek - I don't think of belly dancing and Gypsy clothing.  I think more of Grecian art and etc.  Anyways, I will say that we stayed for all of 20 minutes.  Enough to walk around, see what they had to offer and sit and eat. 

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