Friday, September 24, 2010

Express Slapped me in the Face - WTF no more in stock


 " Thank you Sales Chick at Express in Harbison who crushed my dreams of me owning my dream coat.  At least I got to try on a small sizer and I now know this is what I want." 

I Heart coupons!!! because this dream coat's retail is 198.00.  I will be taking advantage of the email coupons and one of each one I plan to steal out of E's book.  Shop Smart and don't be ashamed of using coupons to save that extra $10 to $15 dollars.  It all adds up in the end when your struggling to make tuition.
My partner in crime got a Express Catalog in the mail. Can someone say how Jealous I was that he got a catalog and I didn't but how happy I was to see those coupons.  So, with my new excellent health report and no more killer cancer polyps.  I've decided to start reverting back to the old stylish me.  Express clothing is not really made for " every " body size or fit.  I feel in love with the Ruffled-Bottom Belted Wool Trench Coat.  Its wool with a military style and the classic double breast.  Of course, we went to mall and he went in search of his jacket and I went in search of mine.  There was two of the beauties hanging on the rack and of course they both was SMALL!!!  This Booty and these arms a small will not cover.  I did try it on and the heaviness of it was awesome.  Perfect for the Carolina Cold.  I was sadly informed that they only got in two shipments and they won't be getting anymore.  I am saving my money up for this classic trench that will always be in style.   

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nail Polish is my new mood Ring

                I have a new Mood Ring and its called Nail Polish!

Color Representative:
Electric Purple ( S206 ) OR internet code: 293-843



Allow me to introduce:


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seaweed Soup!! Taking a hit at the Korean Roots.

I bought two types of Seaweed.  One is shredded and it's purple and the other is the actual big leaves and green like traditional one you eat at the restaurants.  I will say mine was not as good but totally worth the experience so yes, I have a little more practice to go before I start inviting others to try. 

Seaweed Soup 101 tips:
  • When soaking seaweed make sure to sprinkle oil on it to help make the dirt come off the seaweed and to help clean it.  Seaweed is dirty so make sure to clean and soak it good to make sure you don't have the extra dirt.
  • the big whole leaves of seaweed need to be soaked prior for up to 2 hours or until soft.  Unlike the smaller shredded parts.  30 minutes is great enough for the smaller pre-shredded packs. 
  • I used more than 3 cups of chicken broth to my soup because I wanted a more chicken taste.
  • I used Garlic Powder instead of Garlic Cloves.  Of course, the cloves would make it less spot that what I had because the powder doesn't melt.
  • Seaweed comes in Purple and Green and some other colors depending on where you buy it don't be freaked out.
  • The purple is good with mixed veggies over rice of course.
Enjoy my pictures under look mom, I can cook.
Purple Seaweed
Traditional Big Seaweed Leaf

Going Greek.. Festival that is

So, this past weekend was the Greek Festival in Downtown Columbia and I had the intentions that it was going to be extra GREEK.  Of course, I did try the only dish that seemed to actually be local. 

I'm seriously thinking maybe it was lamb meet because most Greeks I know love Goat.  I will say that I was highly disappointed in the lack of cultural display and I didn't even feel inspired to take pictures of anything like the vendors and such.  I am happy though to experience the one plate that didn't have any taste and the meet didn't taste like pork, chicken, beef, or some type of bird. lol.  I will say when I think of Greek - I don't think of belly dancing and Gypsy clothing.  I think more of Grecian art and etc.  Anyways, I will say that we stayed for all of 20 minutes.  Enough to walk around, see what they had to offer and sit and eat. 

Walking and Therapy

So, went walking of course there always has to be something pretty to look at when you give up ^_^.  Lately the exercising bug has been slowly drifting away and its totally not be worth the pain in my shin.  So, yeah, i'm getting lazy just a little its that time.  Thanks to the personal trainer, Ricky who happens to be Donnovan's other half.  I'm getting free lessons while getting motivated by someone who makes me look like I should be on thinervention on Bravo.  lol  Anyways - I wanted to snap some pictures of one of the places we went to walk supposed to be running at.  I lost some calories so that is all that matters

For about two hours I felt like I was back on Oahu listening to one of the waterfalls that my girls and I would go and hike.  Nothing like a sad moment and a little counseling after a nice walk.

The other one is my screen saver on my cell.  I hope you like the snaps.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is harder - when you don't talk to your Mommy because of Someone else

"Everything is everything" .. New slogan for the moment while I try to collect myself in this time of what to do with my life.  I'm 25 and still trying to take this journey of life by the horns.  I think i've done pretty good for someone my age.  I have a decent, no kids, and just making my way back to school to complete my ADN.  Well my LPN first then hopefully ( fingers-crossed ) I can get into the transition program to go straight to the ADN.  Well, if not i'll wait patiently or go to another school out in good ole South Carolina. 

Troubling to say that I am slowly grasping this concept that this will be my home for the next two to three years.  :(  It is not the best feeling when things aren't so good on the home front.  I will say this though.  I've been through a lot since i've return to SC and pretty much be able to pull myself out of about 10% of it.  I had the help of my ex-fiance which was great but none i'm starting to realize that I don't need to have a safety net because I lost my independence because I knew he was there.  My prior thoughts of my independence has become more of a shaded screen on a old southern porch. 


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