Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation TIME! Day 1 getting TESTED!

Can someone say I hope I don't get a DUI.  Yes, I plan on blowing more money that I should and relieving myself of stress that I've been carrying around and just chillin and having fun with my friends.  I am no longer engaged which I will say I am sad a little but I have some great friends out here to keep my spirits up.  All that fighting over wedding dresses and wedding stuff for nothing.  Its okay though at least I get the joy of doing it all again.  So, lets just say I can now fully focus on my career and doing what I got to do to get the hell out of dodge. 

Well I hope yall enjoy my blog but here is Day 1.  So, day one started off more fun than a black crayon and I'm not talking about one of those nice black crayons.  I'm talking about the one that colors like a gray crayon because the company put more wax than color into there supplies.  Anywho... So, yeah I went and got Tested for everything under the sun.  I am a strong supporter of know your statues.  Not only did I go but I dragged Tia and Donnovan with me just to be my support team... Check out the fluffy that is my natural hair.  What the hell is up with my eye?!?  lol should have been in there to get that checked out, too. 

By the way, the way I am good for another 10, 000 miles until my next check up.  I tested negative for everything.

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