Friday, August 20, 2010

Ruff Ryders Anniv. Weekend.. Vacation day number ?

So before we even left SC.  Donnovan though it would be a good idea to get my car looked at before I left since I've been ignoring certain problems with it.  OH yeah, guess what I had at least 3,000 dollars worth of " OIL LEAKS"  It was crazy.  He did when we returned took it to Corey to look at and he said there full of shit.  The only good side about Honda they fix my gear problem and now I can move my gears without having to use the gear release and I have break lights now.  ^_^  Oh yeah.. Donnovan didn't trust my car before he took it to Corey so we had to go and pick up his brothers car. 

* Tip

Before borrowing black folks care arrive two hour early to clean that shit out.  Thanks Reece for letting us steal your car for the weekend though :)
Nothing like BW's before you hit the road.. Waiting on Honda

Went to pick up Tracy the older me.

Yes, driver can you please stop and get me some chips.
Road trip food!  For an hour away, lol YUMMY IN MY TUMMY

Our Exit was number Cinco, 5  off to the Marriot.


Group PIC

Ruff Ryder Meet and Greet

 Yeah, thats my friend.. HOBO RIDERS!

Yeah thats us.

Theres our body guard.

lol... yeah

Yeah.. lol

MY new boyfriend for that night... lol

There was even a Porn Star.. YEAH!!

The Night Workers even came out...

Got to love Hoes.. Theres so much fun


Loved his Patches!!!  I'm so wasted.

Lining up for our shots.. lol 

Time to go, lol

How we got our free drinks.

James where the hell did you come from?  He came and hung out with us at the Actual Party

Overall the weekend was fun.  I had a tummy ache from hell.  I know that we def help put HOBO Riders out there as a bike club.  I would do it all over again especially if I brought different clothes.  Thanks Tracy for the invite.

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