Sunday, August 8, 2010

Everyone Knows where the party is...

Oh yeah, its in my PANTS!!  I am sitting here at work waiting for 0645 to roll around to start seeing my relief walk through those two extra secure electronic double doors that lead to Birthplace heaven.  Oh, yeah today starts my VACATION!!!  I need this so bad.  The ache of being still in one place is no box of rocks but I am going to be doing whatever I need to do to make money for my up and coming semester in the Spring.

 I am skipping my school semester this Fall to make some extra money.  Plus, I have to repay some money since I dropped out.. Yes!  I'm a summer school drop out.  VERY VERY disappointed in myself.  For the past 20 something years, I've been going to school I've never failed or dropped a class.  With everything going on in my personal life these past few months.  I was distracted and had to drop my biology class and I failed a math class. Sadly, I learned a lesson this semester and it is to stick to my guns!  No more trying to pleasure other people but to focus on what I came here for and that's SCHOOL!!!!  I am however pleased to let everyone know that I will be starting my Nursing Clinical August 2011!  I will def be in overtime this Spring and Summer Semester! 

Be Stylish! Shop Mark and AVON   
Did I mention that I will be in a coma next month.  On top of working my 40 to 44 hour work weeks.  You will be able to find me selling my AVON and MARK products at the Flea Markets on Hwy 1.  Today will be my first time out there and I am excited to announce that I will be out there head to toe AVON!  I look forward to seeing exactly what my interaction with other people will be like and I look forward to seeing exactly who I run into.  Make sure to check out my latest and greatest of AVON!

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