Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 4 of StayCation - Tiger Woods don't have nothing on me

Can you say black folks didn't really know what to do but we had it going on.  I always wanted to go Golfing and I got the chance thanks to Donnovan.  We went to the driving range out on Broad River Road and we also stopped by a Tattoo Shop just to look.  Since I'm to Chicken because of my big ass fear of needles.  Which Donnovan told me that he would be there to hold my hand when I actually get the nerve to get my first one. 

We did leave though since the bugs apparently love my hair spray. I just couldn't escape the sworm of nats. I did get some air with about half of the balls. this might be actually something we do again. Next time I won't try to be sexy while doing it. lol Damn, Hair spray.

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