Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 3 - 2 hours til I hit woods

Time to go home! Going to see my mom who just had surgery and is doing well. She is sleeping a lot but she's still being mom. I did take my little sister a present which she loved... Guess what team she's going for?

Makes you wonder because she also has Clemson stuff but now she's all Gamecocks.  Well, besides that I did get to see one of my old high school friends, Blu.  We even made a video.  After you watch this video you will be wondering exactly how we're friends.  Behind every successful and not to Bright Light skin person is her entourage.  lol Just playing Blu is like my family.  But still yeah, check out our videos I call it when " The Hood Meets The Suburbs." 

Also, Here is number 2.  Sorry about the sounds.. Its pretty horrible.  I still don't know how I have friends.  Well at least the few I have.

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