Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 2 of Vacation Time!

Out here in Columbia there is a river that you can walk along.  So, I decided to go and check out.  Little Black Girl Explorer.  Check out the socks. ^_^   Apparently, before I moved to South Carolina people could actually go and hang out in the area where the huge black rocks are and when a horn blowed they needed to get out the river area because the gates where going to be opening up.  A lot of people started getting hurt and dying so they shut the hanging out on the Big Rocks Down.  I did go down and snap a few pictures. 

The Trail along the river is so pretty but the trail underneath the trees and the lower half was way better.  Almost felt like I was back in Oahu except for the cement walk way and the continuous thoughts of snakes popping out to get me.  lol

Later that night I went bowling but I didn't have the chance to snap any pictures.  It was my second time ever bowling and I beat Donnovan in our first game.  It was fun!  We had high stacks up for the winner.  A hug and a box of sour patch kids.

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