Friday, August 20, 2010

What the hell 4 lbs

On my mission to lose weight again.  ^_^ yes, I said it again.  I kind of got off the path to success.  Hell I fell off.  lol  Well, today started my everyday workout plan.  30 days to do 30 things to change my life.  I think its getting pretty serious when I can't get in some of my jeans that I was wearing 2 months ago.  SO, yeah, my thunder thighs and tummy or going to have to go.  So, this morning.  I got off my 12 hour night shift and went to the gym and did 35 minutes of Cardio.  I was pretty happy with myself for doing that.  I did the interval training and it really had my booty sweating.  I did however before leaving the gym weighed myself just to see where I am.  179  yeah this is the heaviest I've ever been. 

Apparently, Donnovan told me I shouldn't weigh myself after a workout but I need to weight myself before.  You are heavier after working.  Didn't know that.

Tar Baby Tip:
For the next two weeks no more starches!!  I'm going to die.  I ♥ rice and noodles with every little oxygen bubble in my body.  Rice and Corn ♥ me.  What would I be with out it.  So, Thanks Derius for ruining my next two weeks.

Vacate to the end.

This time off was much needed and I did a lot of destressing and just relaxing.  I figured out a lot of things that I needed to do for me and just focus on me right now.  I know that I will this again soon at a much needed time.  So, hopefully I will be okay.  I've stripped everything down from top to bottom and I am happy with the changes I've placed in my life.  Well see how that works for everyone else.

Ruff Ryders Anniv. Weekend.. Vacation day number ?

So before we even left SC.  Donnovan though it would be a good idea to get my car looked at before I left since I've been ignoring certain problems with it.  OH yeah, guess what I had at least 3,000 dollars worth of " OIL LEAKS"  It was crazy.  He did when we returned took it to Corey to look at and he said there full of shit.  The only good side about Honda they fix my gear problem and now I can move my gears without having to use the gear release and I have break lights now.  ^_^  Oh yeah.. Donnovan didn't trust my car before he took it to Corey so we had to go and pick up his brothers car. 

* Tip

Before borrowing black folks care arrive two hour early to clean that shit out.  Thanks Reece for letting us steal your car for the weekend though :)
Nothing like BW's before you hit the road.. Waiting on Honda

Went to pick up Tracy the older me.

Yes, driver can you please stop and get me some chips.
Road trip food!  For an hour away, lol YUMMY IN MY TUMMY

Our Exit was number Cinco, 5  off to the Marriot.


Group PIC

Ruff Ryder Meet and Greet

 Yeah, thats my friend.. HOBO RIDERS!

Yeah thats us.

Theres our body guard.

lol... yeah

Yeah.. lol

MY new boyfriend for that night... lol

There was even a Porn Star.. YEAH!!

The Night Workers even came out...

Got to love Hoes.. Theres so much fun


Loved his Patches!!!  I'm so wasted.

Lining up for our shots.. lol 

Time to go, lol

How we got our free drinks.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Carolina Breakfast YUM

Thanks Mom!  Okra, Grits, Sauage, and Egg

Day 3 - 2 hours til I hit woods

Time to go home! Going to see my mom who just had surgery and is doing well. She is sleeping a lot but she's still being mom. I did take my little sister a present which she loved... Guess what team she's going for?

Makes you wonder because she also has Clemson stuff but now she's all Gamecocks.  Well, besides that I did get to see one of my old high school friends, Blu.  We even made a video.  After you watch this video you will be wondering exactly how we're friends.  Behind every successful and not to Bright Light skin person is her entourage.  lol Just playing Blu is like my family.  But still yeah, check out our videos I call it when " The Hood Meets The Suburbs." 

Also, Here is number 2.  Sorry about the sounds.. Its pretty horrible.  I still don't know how I have friends.  Well at least the few I have.

Day 4 of StayCation - Tiger Woods don't have nothing on me

Can you say black folks didn't really know what to do but we had it going on.  I always wanted to go Golfing and I got the chance thanks to Donnovan.  We went to the driving range out on Broad River Road and we also stopped by a Tattoo Shop just to look.  Since I'm to Chicken because of my big ass fear of needles.  Which Donnovan told me that he would be there to hold my hand when I actually get the nerve to get my first one. 

We did leave though since the bugs apparently love my hair spray. I just couldn't escape the sworm of nats. I did get some air with about half of the balls. this might be actually something we do again. Next time I won't try to be sexy while doing it. lol Damn, Hair spray.

Day 2 of Vacation Time!

Out here in Columbia there is a river that you can walk along.  So, I decided to go and check out.  Little Black Girl Explorer.  Check out the socks. ^_^   Apparently, before I moved to South Carolina people could actually go and hang out in the area where the huge black rocks are and when a horn blowed they needed to get out the river area because the gates where going to be opening up.  A lot of people started getting hurt and dying so they shut the hanging out on the Big Rocks Down.  I did go down and snap a few pictures. 

The Trail along the river is so pretty but the trail underneath the trees and the lower half was way better.  Almost felt like I was back in Oahu except for the cement walk way and the continuous thoughts of snakes popping out to get me.  lol

Vacation TIME! Day 1 getting TESTED!

Can someone say I hope I don't get a DUI.  Yes, I plan on blowing more money that I should and relieving myself of stress that I've been carrying around and just chillin and having fun with my friends.  I am no longer engaged which I will say I am sad a little but I have some great friends out here to keep my spirits up.  All that fighting over wedding dresses and wedding stuff for nothing.  Its okay though at least I get the joy of doing it all again.  So, lets just say I can now fully focus on my career and doing what I got to do to get the hell out of dodge. 

Well I hope yall enjoy my blog but here is Day 1.  So, day one started off more fun than a black crayon and I'm not talking about one of those nice black crayons.  I'm talking about the one that colors like a gray crayon because the company put more wax than color into there supplies.  Anywho... So, yeah I went and got Tested for everything under the sun.  I am a strong supporter of know your statues.  Not only did I go but I dragged Tia and Donnovan with me just to be my support team... Check out the fluffy that is my natural hair.  What the hell is up with my eye?!?  lol should have been in there to get that checked out, too. 

By the way, the way I am good for another 10, 000 miles until my next check up.  I tested negative for everything.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Everyone Knows where the party is...

Oh yeah, its in my PANTS!!  I am sitting here at work waiting for 0645 to roll around to start seeing my relief walk through those two extra secure electronic double doors that lead to Birthplace heaven.  Oh, yeah today starts my VACATION!!!  I need this so bad.  The ache of being still in one place is no box of rocks but I am going to be doing whatever I need to do to make money for my up and coming semester in the Spring.


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