Monday, July 5, 2010

Styling in my new fatty clothes

Totally went to walmart and became a big spender.  I bought enough workout clothes to last a week.  All the tanks where 3.00 and Capri and yoga pants 9 to 11.  Can you say - Score!  I love every piece I bought so far.  They are no ride ( so no more digging in my booty at the gym) and the tops and bottoms both absorb sweat as it happens.  That was the deal breaker there.  I am super cheap.  For the longest, I've been wearing my tights to go walking, running, or whatever in just because I didn't want to go and pay out my booty for workout clothing.  You never know how much you sweat in tights until you go and walk/run 3 miles and sit your sweaty booty on some patent Honda Accord leather - your booty because itchy within 10 seconds of sitting in sweat and whatever stretch fabric my tights are made out of.  Anyways, happy exercising fellow chubbies!

By the way, my other half is excited about the weight lost and he gets to do a visual of the progress every week via web cam!

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