Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Since living on Oahu I've learned the valve of recycling and to do my part to help the environment.  Hawaii is one of the few states that actually pays you to recycle and of course you get charged a fee for buying anything that comes in plastic, aluminium, and etc but you get the money back as long as you take the effort to recycle. 

Well since I've been in SC, I've been doing a few things to help myself out.  I change all my light bulbs to the energy efficient bulbs they are a little cheaper if you buy the true valve type from Walmart!  I bought the light bulbs in November 2009 and they are still going strong and its July. 
Here is my latest project!  My home is in Hawaii and I'm renting here in SC and I refuse, REFUSE! to spend a lot of money on things I will be getting rid of when I leave.  If I do spend the extra money its because I will be taking it with me.

I went to Goodwill and bought a entertainment console and coffee table.  I will be revamping the entertainment console some since mostly I'm here by myself unless Tia and some people from back home stop by.  I paid a grand total for both items 15.00!  YES $15.00.  I was extremely lucky because it was 50% off everything in the store.  I also got my couch from Goodwill and I bought a cover to go over it!  Guess how much,? $15.00 yes.  Bargain!  Now everyone knows my secret of where I got my three awesome pieces from.  Since I'm going to be here for a while with school I have to make the best out of it. 

Plus, I'm going to be using my apartment as a business office for selling my avon. 
This is where the previous owner ripped out a boundary board.  I am in the process of sanding it and I like the rough look of it and I will be staining it where the TV and ETC will be sitting.  I did replace the knobs on it just to make it a little more prettier.  Of course I will have before and after pictures later.    

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