Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Carolina

So, i'm here in South Carolina and I totally needed to find something to do.  I've decided that I'm going to start doing something about the one thing I always complain about.  " There's Nothing To Do!"  Its awful I know to complain all the time but it is always good to be able to prove myself wrong.  I have a new buddy and his name is Dee.  He is as cool as ice and has been telling me about all these different places I can go and doing things.  Lately, my new things has been going and walking the Dam which you've see the pictures in the previous blog.  So, I'm working every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12 hour nights which I am extremely happy about and soon to be working every Sunday at the Flea Market selling my AVON products.  Also, going to school every Monday and Wednesday from 620 to 8??.  So, right now the life is pretty busy and has no end.  So, I said hey when theres down time why not explore the possible places of the great carolina.  Here we go, Adventures of South Carolina.  Why be from a state and not know what it really offers... lol

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