Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Ass Dam

So out here where I live theres a dam.  Its so nice!  Thanks to Don for telling me about it because now this is my 3 mile walk for the first week.  You park on one side and you walk all the way from one side and then back the other way.  I think this is a great addition to everything else.  Then I'll be moving up ever week for the month of June!  I'm excited to be getting my work out on.  Hopefully, I can get a group but well see.  I did manage to snap so pictures of it.  Its 1.5 miles one way and of course the same back.  The breeze was amazing and I was the only tar baby out there but I did get the weird looks apparently I'm the only one that dresses sexy to go exercising.. lol hey got to feel good about it right.  Enjoy the pictures.  Oh, yeah even though I walked it I did manage to sweat some!

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