Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Before 2006
After 2010

Huge difference in how I looked 4 years ago.  I hate the way my body looks and feels.. So, I've decided to fix this problem.  I'm getting married and I haven't set a date since I am not happy with my weight gain or body image.  So my earlier posting about engraving never started!  But it will today!! For real this time... I caught myself today being an emtional eater again!  I ate 3 sloppy joes, 2 pounds of crab legs, and a spoon of ice cream, taco salad and small chili with cheese, and an Orange... Hey that Orange made it health right  ^_^.  At least thats the lie I'm telling myself. 

So, yes, I join the rest of the emotional eaters out there but now I have to convert that effort into being a better me.  I'm 175 and 5'4 but everyone tells me they can't see it.  I tell them I know how to hide it well and I know how to wear my makeup where you just admire my BEAUTY.. lol  so here I go showing the world my goods... I will be tracking my progress via blogging so hopefully this will help with some of that emotional eating.  XOXO to all the other people on this journey of loving the body your in and the body you want to have that makes you feel good.  NOT what the MEDIA says is GOOD....

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