Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I passed my Spring Semester Nursing Class with an A!  It was super easy if I would have failed it would have be because I'm dumb as a bag of rocks.  Well I'm doing my Bio and another Math for the short Summer Semester.  I am super excited but its keeping me ultra busy which I love.  I can't wait til June or July to find out when my start date is...  :)  I'm ready to become a Nurse.  I want to stay in the Operating Room.  I'm a Certified Surgical Technologist now but I would love to be a First Asst. Nurse in the Operating Room or just work for a Plastic Surgeon.  I'm such a geek.. Thats my cultural diversity project poster at the top and my advanced practice poster at the bottom.  That is my other dream job... CRNA still in the Operating Room.  Anyways, wish me luck with this school schedule.  I will be doing my first Math Exam this week and my First Bio Exam next week.  My Bio teacher counts off for spelling and phones ringing or vibrating.

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