Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cancer Free oh,yeah thats me.

So, I know this is way T.M.I but for the past year and half almost two I've been going through this pre-canerous and OMG I might have cancer with my doctors.  I still have one more procedure to get but of course, my other half is positive it will be okay.  I on the other hand.. I like to wait until I hear the doctor says your okay or whatever.  I don't really worry about it but I do try really hard to get back on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon.  So, anyways, I didn't have any pre-cancerous or indication of cancer growth on my Cervix.  The procedure Colposcopy was not bad at all - The only thing that was uncomfortable was him pressing on my cervix with the Lugol's Solution ( which is a vinger mixture ) and betadine solution.  The vaginal speculum which is no ones favorite of course was the usual.  I did however was freezing to death with nothing but my paper towel on.  The only thing I was worried about was him having to take any tissue he thought was suspect.  So, happily after my doctor was down under starring at my puppy ( yes, puppy aka vagina, pu$$y, the thing that made him put a ring on it lol ) for about 30 minutes he came up smiling and saying everything looks great.  He will keep an eye on it though since cancer does run in my family. 

He did discover at my prior visit about a month ago in his office I had a cyst the size of a plum on my right ovary which measured 6 and now that one has gone down and now I have a 5.5 on my left ovary.  Turns out the cyst are normal because they grow when I ovulate but the size that they are growing to is not normal.  Normal cyst grow to about 3 but of course because I'm an alien my cyst grown to beyond the norm during my cycles.  He asked if I wanted to be placed on birth control to control the cyst growth but I declined because I didn't want to add any type of medication to my diet that I don't need.  I rather just hurt my two days during my period and have my cyst than risk the side of effects of birth control.  Plus, it makes you gain weight and I'm on my journey of weight management.  lol

Before I left his office I did get my second dose of Gardasil which made me feel like my arm was going to fall of for 5 minutes.  I did ask for it in my booty meat but the girl told me they did it in the arms at that office.

So, my journey of Cervical Cancer scare is at and end.  I finally got that procedure out of the way and now, i'm just waiting my 6 months for a follow up and waiting for my 10 day results of my HPV test he did to see if I did have the virus that causes Cerivcal Cancer.  Life is starting to be great now that I don't have to worry about things of mast destruction. 

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