Thursday, April 1, 2010

Loving my Lips

I am so happy that my fiance is here that I can be myself expressing myself via my style of hair, make up, and clothing. I miss having someone understand the joys of going out with my very so vintage hair clip with just the right make up and clothing to accent the colors of the piece. I am walking fashion, art, and expression.


Only a majority can understand that perfect Lipstick from MAC.  There is no color like HUE and there would be no expression in the satisficiation I get when I can use HUE and finally achieve that look I wanted. I am in detox of my Sephora and MAC since I've relocated to SC.. There is no SEPHORA Heaven or MAC Nirvana for me to spend longing hours trying decide between the tint or color. The Sephora brand that we all come to love. The colors and styles and tricks of MAC artist just whipping the perfect masterpiece on your face. ( Unless your a germ freak like me and can't stand the thought of that brush touch my face after its been on the face of 10 people before you ) Its almost as like using someone else hair brush or tooth brush. Yes - Its nasty to use other peoples hair brushes!  I'll have to capture my image with my new lips.

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