Thursday, April 1, 2010


So, my hair is shorter now and of course it was not by choice.  After leaving Oahu - I figured I would return to my old hair dresser here in Columbia, SC but that was the worst hair mistake of my life.  My long thick hair was completely damaged by her.  So, I asked the guy at my job if he knew of anyone that could repair the damage she caused. 
STARS AND STRIPES - can't describe the happiness that I feel now knowing that my hair will soon be back to its wonderful length.  He had to cute it and it was a beautiful long boob but of course... I love having long hair.  I feel with the short hair but I need my extra sexy look with the long.  So, I purchased my first pack of 100% human hair.. Clip in hair of course.  Sorry - I know that black females where the glue in, sew in, and etc.. but don't expect me to every damage my hair to that extent.  I will wear a wig though but of course it has to be human and lovely. 

Anyways back to my clip ins.  I heart the clip in hair.  My Korean Cousins totally help me find my color which is the number 2 and its a 18inch.  Now, I bought one pack for 51.99 and I love it.  Of course it took me about 2 hours to figure out the right way to divide my hair and to put them in and the right spot.  I never want to be those girls who walk around and you can see the hair.  THANK GOD FOR MY THICK HAIR..  So this is not a good application because I didn't straighten my real hair before placing in the fake hair.  But I love it!  I will need two packs for sure since the hair is so thin.

OH, yeah, I did take the hair out on the town and its Awesome!  It never shifted or slide or anything.  I would totally do the clip in hair extentions for all my super sexy hair length needs.

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