Monday, March 29, 2010

Black Girls Love make up, too..

Well what can I say.. I'm black yes even though I'm light skin.  So, please negative people who love to draw attention to the fact that I'm light skin and say i'm black.  GET OVER IT!  There will be no wars here on the darkness or lightness of any African America's skin tone.  Now, with that said.  Hey READER!  There are so many beauty blogs for white, asian, and other females of different races but barely any for the black girl.  Every culture, race, and etc has different skin and hair textures.  So, through my journey's I realized that somethings just won't work for me.  Theres nothing like trying to use the same kind of curling iron or hair products on my hair that the chick with the ultra blond hair uses :)  The result believe me is crazy.  Black girls we don't wash our hair everyday and we like it when it feels greasy because that shine and oil is what makes it more beautiful... 

I encourage everyone to comment and leave as many notes and challenges for me as possible.  I'm mixed but, my booty and hair scream black chic and my style screams well other ^_^ chic ...  I do reflect a lot of materials toward the black community.  Oh, yeah.. I hate using the terms African American so sorry if me using black offends anyone because I'm not hear to be politically correct just have fun, share, and enlighten :)


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