Monday, December 27, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka & Road Trippin for the holidays

I enjoyed my time with my family and the boyfriend’s family this xmas.  I must say that this was a great xmas and I’m happy for the happy moments and laughter and tiny argument.  Smile IMAG1007We ate huge at his Aunts house the night before ( that is where we took our cute xmas picture) .  It was awesome being around his family and laughing and drinking ( special sweet tea).  Then we rode to my mother’s house the day of Christmas for some good old fashion country bbq hog on the grill.  The boyfriend was disappointed that the Hog didn’t have the head or feet still.  SmileHe got to meet my aunt and uncle and my other grandma ( My dad’s mother).  He already met my mother’s mom twice but like always when we go see her – I tell her that I got her a man and she just smiles and laughs.   Later that evening we ended up at his sister’s house with his parents, his brother, and kids.  I really enjoyed myself there especially with Tia’s Mac and Cheese and the cake!  Its soooo good.  I really hated to go to work that night after all that but hey I got stuff to take care of.  I can’t wait for next year and future holidays.  I’m really liking my current relationship.

OH yeah – I got two gift cards, a pair of those cozy socks that are extremely soft, an outfit, my weave done.  He got a gift card, socks, undies, and a men’s body set, and LV sneakers. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello Kitty Bitch

So, Mr. Yellow Care Bear and I happened to be shopping in Target and what do we come across.  Hello Kitty Kitchen and Bedroom stuff.  Even though it was one end cap.  I was still in Heaven for a brief 15 minutes before I had to make a quick slightly long decision it was either the Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker or the Hello Kitty Lighted Make Up Mirror.. and guess which one I choose….  Every girl needs one but I just happen to love HELLO KITTY.

Oil me Baby!

So, of course I was talking about the Hair itching like crazy and I couldn’t figure out how to get to it.  The Yellow Care Bear told me to of course, DUHH use his oil.  He has dreads and I oil his hair on a regular and I never thought to use his oil in between my sewin and braids.  Its 4.99 and it’s a huge bottle.  The only downside is because I don’t know how to use a little.  It made my weave a little oil and weighted but the feeling does disappear after two days of styling and sleeping… ^_^


Slick it really Good!

So let me introduce the magic stick of weaves.  This little wonder not only gives the fresh relaxed look but for all those who are like myself in denial that I still have baby hairs.  Yeah, it slicks those down without flaking and drying.  It is amazing for helping blend your hair with your fab weaves.  Of course because I’m a fake it but make it look good girl.  I totally recommend

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wrap me in Plastic to melt it away


Someone will think I’m crazy for this but I carry a roll of plastic wrap with me to the gym because of this urban myth I heard of.  So, one of my old co-workers once told me to wrap myself in cling wrap to help with dropping the pounds.  Of course, I am willing to try anything once and I will say that there is a huge amount of sweat that comes out just underneath the wrap so is it helping.  I don’t know.  I did it three times but I just upgraded my membership at the gym so we will see.  what happens – when I start hitting the sauna after my workouts.

Car Skeleton Grave Yard

So, guess who got to take a romantic trip to the junk yard to search for a part for her truck.  I did.  I didn’t know that a junk yard was like this.  Super organized.  I thought you just go and ask them for a part and they had it in stock somewhere.  Guess I was wrong.  I did though make sure I was cute and cozy for the part picking and of course we didn’t get the part because all of them was taken.IMAG0990IMAG0991

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This thing is Itching!!

So, I was not expecting my hair to itch this bad with this sew in.  So, I’ve been using the pointed end of my comb but I think I made a huge mistake and oiled my scalp between the sewin.  I didn’t do a lot but my hair now feels a bit oiler.  Any advice please let me know on how you deal with the itching.  Of course I put some grease in the front because my hair is out in the front, around the ends, and the back.

Movie Night Make up is so…


My boyfriend’s boyfriend.  Yes, that right.  I am in a relationship with a guy who has not one but two boyfriends.  lol  ( FYI: He’s not gay or bi-sexual there just best friends! )So, the other half and I went to meet his boyfriend and his girl at the movies to see The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe ( who happens to be my other boyfriend).  This movie was AWESOME and gets a rating of 5 Lei’s.  The clips they show on TV does not do the movie justice. I attached the trailer for anyone who might be interested in seeing the trailer for the movie.

Trailer for The Next Three Days






Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I’m in love with a Sew-in


  Mrs. Donna is AMAZING!!!

Earth Angel Beauty Salon

Danna Lighty Owner/Stylist


2821 Ashland, Suite F Columbia, SC

Monday, December 6, 2010

Calming & Running with a Bull


So I picked this up a while ago on a haul from Icing which is like a Old version of the little girls store called Claire's.  My little sister went to explore the many wonders of Claire's and I hit up Icing.  So, I have here is a dull Gray.  There is no names on their polishes.  So, you just go with whatever color you liked.  It came in a multi pack of 4 other colors.  So, I will def. have to show case them. 

Coating:   Just 1 is enough ( the pigment is thick and amazing).

Pigment:  Dull Gray

Application:  Was easy but quick drying.  This was the easiest to apply polish in a while because of the thickness of the polish. 

Cost: 5 in a pack for 6.00  Great!

“ Ballin on a Budget! ”




Today I literally went running with a bull.  Her name is Roxy and

Guess Who's getting a Black Girl Weave

Yes!  ME!  I am excited to be getting my frist ever black girl weave.  Yes, I'm a clip in remi hair girl.  I clip them in and then take them out.  I did a prior post on my clip in hair extensions when I bought them after my hair got cut off.  I was going through long hair withdrawal. :(  So, Tuesday at 9:00 am I will be going through my long hair transformation... I will be getting a sew-in with 12 and 14 in remi 1B hair.  I am so freakin excited.  IMAG0948IMAG0949

I know I looked crazy in the shop playing with the hair and touching it and then holding it to my head.  The girl at the counter was so patient with me and didn't not once seem to hurry me.  I'm pretty sure it was clear I was new to the black girl weave game.  Of course, I will have a picture up to show the before and after.  Like I said in my prior post.  I wear my white knit cap over my fuzzy hair since I knew the hair dresser was around the corner.  I can't wait!!!  You won't be able to tell me anything when I get this hair of mine relaxed and weaved up!  Leirrific..

Last Alcoholic Friday of the Year!

What a success!  The part of course.  I was doing my make up and the last party I got was of course the base.  Then everyone started showing up.  Like always Lei fashion.. I'm tardy for my own party.  So here is a picture of my eye, lol..
I totally was going to do a purple smokey look but of course all you will see is what is here in the following picture.  I must say that is a nice arch and I have a nice set of lashes ( no additional needed here).  I must say that is the benefit of being a hairy girl.  Please pay no attention to my hair.  I am in need of a relaxer ASAP and I washed my hair and just tied it back until I placed the white cap on top of it. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sauna Baby

One of my favorite things now is taking time to go into the suana after my work out sessions.  I just wanted to a video and of course show how horrible I look when I go to the gym. ^_^

I already sprayed the dry rocks 20 times before doing the video so I couldn't really think. 
You have electric, wood burning, and gas heater saunas.  There is also infrared which are made of ceramic or metallic materials.  Some people say once you get out of the sauna that you should take a cold shower to tight the pores back up to help not allow bacteria floating in the area back in but I don't.  I love the instant cooling feeling from the sweat from the gyms sauna - so I just wait until I get home to shower.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Portion that might work


So of course, this sudden stroke of Genius came upon me at work.  Why not use my old cereal container as portion control.  First check out that

<------ ( Hey I’m so smart look). 

So, because we’re doing the poor man’s diet which is eating whatever in the house.  How simple is this diet, lol.  I decided to keep my old cereal container at work so when my co-workers bring in food for everyone to snack.  I can only have what fills this container and not a whole plate.  I will say to day I tested my theory.  While everyone else was filling plates.  I just filled my container of love which only holds 2.1 oz. 

I’m a snacker but an unhealthy snacker so well see how this works.  Hope some others can get some use out of this simple but convenient way not to over eat at work.

Quick Trim Contest–I’m entering

So, I’m entering of course to see if I can actually win.  I don’t have a sad as story about why I wanted to lose the weight.  I’m just tired of being to fat for my desire.  So, I figured I’ll post this out there for anyone who may be interested in entering also if your on the Quick Trim Plan.    I think it ends in April 2011.  Visit the pink link below.

I’m Fancy

OH, yes the coats of coats.   Carebear aka Smiley aka the Dee as my mom likes to call him.  Took me to Burlington Coat factory and of course, I’ve never been so I have my issue because I felt like I was walking into a flea market.  I’m the type of shopper where I like to see it and then find an associate and ask if they have it in my size. 

Well two coats later – I find this great Charles Klein Coat.  Its Charcoal and it only cost me 49.99 compared to 100.00 ( at least that’s what the tag said).  I’m totally in love with it.  I get my sailor/marine look with my cute princess seam and ruffles with sneak peak pockets.  Did I mention the slight puff in my shoulders. 

Warm is not the word that describes the feeling I get when I can’t feel the wind blowing against my booty.IMG_0843

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Avon’s SuperCurlacious & SuperShock

I’m not really to big into the fake lashes.  Will I wear them yes but I have long lashes naturally so I’ve been playing with different mascaras and here is my report so far.

 Avon SuperCurlacious

  • Does clump
  • Don’t hope to reapply twice or three times 
  • It does give the effect you would like with the upward curl. 
  • The brush is actually hard plastic and not that fiber so its very different.
  • Not waterproof


ATL Part 2–Tourist & the Hood Lenox

Can you say CHEEZY!  So, George is a friend from ATL who is a photographer and amazing friend to have.  I always would tell George I was on my way out to ATL and never show or just don’t make it.  So, I told him when I came this time.  He would have to take Tourist photos with me.  I now have proof of this first time visit and great meet! 


ATL Part 1–After night fall

Naturally, I have my PMS attitude on and just because Dee likes to entertain my flips when its that time of the month.  We had the worlds stupidest fight but of course made up afterwards because we went to Mansions Elan (3595 CLAIRMONT RD) Formerly Dreamz AtlMB_afterparty_800.  So, when we first got there of course we looked sexy as always together.  Color Coordinated for some reason every time we step out.  So, we met George and it was an amazing set up.  I felt like I was walking in to the arena that the Gladiators fought the lions in.  There was a racetrack style bar and of course we got up really quick to find our spot.  After my Dee got rubbed down by some random chick in the club we stood at the bar all night just watching.  Of course, we had shots and the end of the night well let’s just say was not the best due to McDonalds. 


All I have to say is girls you know he’s awesome when you wake up and you have your sleeping cap on and he cleaned your dress, blanket, and somethings’ in the car because of the “food poisoning” from McDonalds ^_^… 


ATL part 1

Of Course it would take us til about 10 AM to leave Columbia.  I love it when we have eventful weekends because it just makes me realize a little more why I love my lifestyle and why I strive harder to finish school. 

First, the reason black folks didn’t even leave the house until 10 AM.  The night prior we went to meet Dee’s friend, Brandy for herIMG_0834 birthday.  She was really sweet and welcoming and the only female he has introduce me to.  Of course, we didn’t get there until late because well I spoke to 4 classes for career day which I almost backed out of but so happy I went.  Check out my certificate.

After getting off a 12 hour night shift best believe the last thing on my mind was doing but very excited I went.  My first ever all black elementary school very interesting.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick Trim Update

So, I actually dropped down to 178lbs!  ^_^ Still using it but I’ve been messing up the past week due to monthly girl problems and laziness.  So, I def will be hitting the gym extra hard this morning at 5:00 Am.. No excuses IMAG0889

So here is my scale from last week.  When I went last time.  Amazing from when I checked and I was 185lbs.  Here is also the shot to go with it.  So I’m not sure what I weigh now and I’m pretty sure I gained it all back after my last 7

Friday, November 12, 2010

Prenatal Vitamin Blues

So - if your also doing the prenatal vitamins beware that you may want to take it with a meal or some type of snack or you will be feeling sick.  I've noticed that when I don't take it - I've been feeling really bad once I'm up and moving.

Mental Trick to get me going to the gym

So, I have a non-contract with Gold Gym and I'm taking full advantage of my 19.99 monthly fee.  I am determined to make sure I do my cardio and weights at least 4 to 5 times a week.  I am now exploring the use of the Sauna.  I'm not exactly how sure I am of how long I will need to be in there but I will def google it to see what the benefits will be.  I've been working extra hours at work this week and i'm totally happy that I did go to the gym this week at least three times.  Working 12 hour nights is hard on its on but making sure I get in the gym to do at least cardio and some weights either on a certain area.  Well that has been a challenge sometimes... So, for extra motivation and to help me be positive about going even when my feet hurt.  I take my gym clothes to work and I change into them before I go.  So, far the act of putting these clothes on and walking out of work with them has made me take the initiative to actually go to the gym... Go mental trick right.

SO, far I've been getting some extra hard sleep since I've been doing this and falling to sleep quicker.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prenatal Vitamin - Great for your Skin and Hair - Well See?

Crazy right and of course, I would have to try it.  I bought my vitamins from Walmart for about 11 or so dollars. I'm not pregnant but I do want to see if it is true that Prenatal Vitamins are good for your skin and hair.  Alot of pregnant people take them of course, duh and a majority always have beautiful skin and hair. 

I am hoping to enhance my hair growth and also help with my breakage and dryness.  I hope that it will help with the balance in my skin and help me have a more healthy glow.  Now, if it makes me start gaining weight I may stop.. So, we will see. 

Some of my friends say it will make me eat more and I haven't had the cravings yet.  I'm pretty sure the Quick Trim has something to do with that.

So far you only take two a day and if anyone has any advice on which ones are better I am all up for it.  If anyone also decides to do this with me please make sure to protect yourself with condoms, birth control or whatever because I don't want you to get pregnant following me.  lol 

Well see if there is any results from this crazy experiment of mine...  Make sure to check up on my daily consumer watch page... ^_^  happy getting fit and fab...

Stretch Marks Fade Away - 30 day Coco Butter Challenge

Today 11/11/2010 starts the day of the 40 day Palmers Cocoa Butter Challenge.  Donnovan swears by it - he thinks this will help the appear of my stretch marks that showed up on my sides since I got to SC.  I'm hoping to prove him wrong but we will see.  I feel that it may help moist my skin and allow it to stretch better throughout my weight gain.  But I don't feel it will help with the appearance. 

UPDATE:  4/19/2012  So forgot to update this... It didn't help vanish the appear of my scars but it did hydrate my skin, leave it feeling ultra soft, and my go to for a facial cream ( Extremely tiny bit).

Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, and over time can diminish but not disappear completely.  Stretch marks are often the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth (common in puberty) or weight gain (e.g. pregnancy, muscle building, or rapid gain of fat) or in some cases, severe pulling force on skin that overcomes the dermis' elasticity.  **** I would like to thank Wikipedia for such a great definition of stretch marks, ^_^ ***** 

So, thus I feel that a skin bleaching or color correct will be good.  Hell I might even just tan myself for better over all color of my skin ( of course artifically ) and I think i'll be the first black girl to ever step foot openly about going into a tanning both.  lol

The other products is Avon Skin So Soft Oil Gel.  I am trialing it on my skin for the past two days - so far it doesn't instantly hydrates my skin but even after I put it on and sleep and wake up.  I can still feel it on my skin which I don't like because I don't like feeling coated.  I will say since I had some residue on my hands and it is an oil.  I just ran my fingers through my hair and it gave it a extra shine and it controlled the frizz. 

Pros for Skin So Soft Gel Oil:
Great for frizz control and shine on hair
Hydrates fast
Skin feels softer even after I showered and didn't reapplied

Cons for SSS:
Skin feels Coated
Greasy feeling

The other product is what I use on my face it the L'Oreal Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Moisturizer.  I love it because it hydrates and it makes my skin feel soft.  I use this products before I go to sleep and also after I was my face because i'm extra hairy and I have to shave my face.  ( Thats right - Shave my face).  This moisturizer doesn't break me out or leave me with black heads.  The scent made me sick at first but I just use a small amount of it.

Kardashian Diet

So of course, I was a Hydroxycut Girl the Vegi Caps but I wanted to try something different from the Hydrox.  It seemed as if every time I took the 4 caps daily like directed.  I always felt more swollen and bloated even with all that water intake.  I of course have a body magic which I wear depending on where I'm going but sometimes I would put it on and it seemed to work great and sometimes it would feel like I'm stuffing myself and can barely breathe, eat, or sit. 

So, I started Quick Trim on 11/10/2010 - I bought it after working a 12 hour shift and wanted to try it at the Gym.  So, far I love this way better than the Hydroxcut Acai Vegi-Caps.
Pros for me with this product of day one:
  • NO extreme heart rate when I was on the cardio machine! ( Hydroxycut had me probably in the stroke range)
  • NO Bloating!
  • Way user friendly!  2 before breakfast or working out with a 8 oz glass of water then another 2 pills between lunch and dinner with another 8 oz glass of water.  ( The standard bottle of Dasani water is 20 ozs I drank a bottle when I went to the gym and had three glasses of water with it when we went to lunch after work)
  • Carrying Friendly!  - No bottle you get 4 sheets of 15 pills way better carrying around in your purse.  I even labeled mine so I know if I took my 4 for the day and won't over take it.  I'll have pictures of it uploaded this morning when I get off of call.
  • No staying awake or restless sleep.
  • I did get the warming feeling like they described but it didn't bother me.
  • I love the little flier that came it that kind of gave you an example of what to eat and describe what exercises would burn how many calories and a little nutrition basic.  It wasn't to much but just the right amount of information so you could glance it and not get bored.
Cons for me with this product:
  • It didn't give the energy like the Hydroxcut but I still felt motivated to work out.
  • It made my poop kind of hard to push out ( lol TMI right)
Now if this product actually helps me lose weight and help tighten my body will be the good question.  I will keep a online journey with this product and hopefully we'll see some results.  Check out my belly in the before pictures I snapped at the gym this morning.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sometimes I get going go with blogger then I just drift off.  Yes, I'm one of those people who starts projects and I'm trucking along for a good week or so then yeah.  I stop then a couple weeks later.  I pick up from where I left of.  So, what's new in the interesting life of a not-so-normal chick.

I'm still on my wait lost journey.  Of course, I feel off with that and now I'm back on it. 

It took me two months and viewing about 15 to 20 apartments to realize.  You know - I'm just to lazy to move right now and of course, I had Donnovan in my left ear telling me I need to make my damn, mind up about something.  SO, sweet. 

I got a new couch set thanks to Donnovan's uncle that just relocated from Atlanta (ATL for my southern folks and wannabes).  So, no more trying to fit 10 people on a two seater ( YES!!!) 

I kind of drifted off with the Alcoholic Fridays and I might need to start that again.  Its just one failed party and one success and working 12 hour nights just wasn't working for me.  But hey at least we had fun..

I still want a dog or something to talk to because i'm lonely and I know someone blocks me out after about 5 minutes of talking and just pretends like he cares about what I'm saying.

Oh, I started back at the gym and I decide to try and go at least 5 days a week including Sundays if I must.  I also am trying to cook more than go out to eat which is harder than it sounds because I would die for Olive Garden.  Why the Garden as we call it you ask.. Because its so fucking good. 

Oh, yeah - I started searching for girls to represent doing PR work and I'm so excited about that.  I just got hired to bartend a 40th birthday party and I'm kind of looking forward to that.  I also am working on a couple of ventures but of course - 20 things at once and my ADD only last for a couple of days with each project so yeah... Need some help to be pushed..  :) 

I'm still working my 12 hours at the hospital and still pulling my extra shifts to make that over time money!  ( Ballin Broke )...  Also, hey I'm actually trying to take better care of myself as far as eating right and being great to my skin.

I did lose some weight which I am proud of myself.  I went from 189 to 180 to 185... Of course, muscle weights more than fat so no more evil scale.. Just hoping to go by inches now.  So, enjoy my new found loves and I hope that I will be a support system for some other females out there who aren't afraid to blast their fat online... 


Wrapped my hair after I got out of the gym and worked a 12 hour last night.  Why am I not asleep?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Express Slapped me in the Face - WTF no more in stock


 " Thank you Sales Chick at Express in Harbison who crushed my dreams of me owning my dream coat.  At least I got to try on a small sizer and I now know this is what I want." 

I Heart coupons!!! because this dream coat's retail is 198.00.  I will be taking advantage of the email coupons and one of each one I plan to steal out of E's book.  Shop Smart and don't be ashamed of using coupons to save that extra $10 to $15 dollars.  It all adds up in the end when your struggling to make tuition.
My partner in crime got a Express Catalog in the mail. Can someone say how Jealous I was that he got a catalog and I didn't but how happy I was to see those coupons.  So, with my new excellent health report and no more killer cancer polyps.  I've decided to start reverting back to the old stylish me.  Express clothing is not really made for " every " body size or fit.  I feel in love with the Ruffled-Bottom Belted Wool Trench Coat.  Its wool with a military style and the classic double breast.  Of course, we went to mall and he went in search of his jacket and I went in search of mine.  There was two of the beauties hanging on the rack and of course they both was SMALL!!!  This Booty and these arms a small will not cover.  I did try it on and the heaviness of it was awesome.  Perfect for the Carolina Cold.  I was sadly informed that they only got in two shipments and they won't be getting anymore.  I am saving my money up for this classic trench that will always be in style.   

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nail Polish is my new mood Ring

                I have a new Mood Ring and its called Nail Polish!

Color Representative:
Electric Purple ( S206 ) OR internet code: 293-843



Allow me to introduce:


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seaweed Soup!! Taking a hit at the Korean Roots.

I bought two types of Seaweed.  One is shredded and it's purple and the other is the actual big leaves and green like traditional one you eat at the restaurants.  I will say mine was not as good but totally worth the experience so yes, I have a little more practice to go before I start inviting others to try. 

Seaweed Soup 101 tips:
  • When soaking seaweed make sure to sprinkle oil on it to help make the dirt come off the seaweed and to help clean it.  Seaweed is dirty so make sure to clean and soak it good to make sure you don't have the extra dirt.
  • the big whole leaves of seaweed need to be soaked prior for up to 2 hours or until soft.  Unlike the smaller shredded parts.  30 minutes is great enough for the smaller pre-shredded packs. 
  • I used more than 3 cups of chicken broth to my soup because I wanted a more chicken taste.
  • I used Garlic Powder instead of Garlic Cloves.  Of course, the cloves would make it less spot that what I had because the powder doesn't melt.
  • Seaweed comes in Purple and Green and some other colors depending on where you buy it don't be freaked out.
  • The purple is good with mixed veggies over rice of course.
Enjoy my pictures under look mom, I can cook.
Purple Seaweed
Traditional Big Seaweed Leaf

Going Greek.. Festival that is

So, this past weekend was the Greek Festival in Downtown Columbia and I had the intentions that it was going to be extra GREEK.  Of course, I did try the only dish that seemed to actually be local. 

I'm seriously thinking maybe it was lamb meet because most Greeks I know love Goat.  I will say that I was highly disappointed in the lack of cultural display and I didn't even feel inspired to take pictures of anything like the vendors and such.  I am happy though to experience the one plate that didn't have any taste and the meet didn't taste like pork, chicken, beef, or some type of bird. lol.  I will say when I think of Greek - I don't think of belly dancing and Gypsy clothing.  I think more of Grecian art and etc.  Anyways, I will say that we stayed for all of 20 minutes.  Enough to walk around, see what they had to offer and sit and eat. 

Walking and Therapy

So, went walking of course there always has to be something pretty to look at when you give up ^_^.  Lately the exercising bug has been slowly drifting away and its totally not be worth the pain in my shin.  So, yeah, i'm getting lazy just a little its that time.  Thanks to the personal trainer, Ricky who happens to be Donnovan's other half.  I'm getting free lessons while getting motivated by someone who makes me look like I should be on thinervention on Bravo.  lol  Anyways - I wanted to snap some pictures of one of the places we went to walk supposed to be running at.  I lost some calories so that is all that matters

For about two hours I felt like I was back on Oahu listening to one of the waterfalls that my girls and I would go and hike.  Nothing like a sad moment and a little counseling after a nice walk.

The other one is my screen saver on my cell.  I hope you like the snaps.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is harder - when you don't talk to your Mommy because of Someone else

"Everything is everything" .. New slogan for the moment while I try to collect myself in this time of what to do with my life.  I'm 25 and still trying to take this journey of life by the horns.  I think i've done pretty good for someone my age.  I have a decent, no kids, and just making my way back to school to complete my ADN.  Well my LPN first then hopefully ( fingers-crossed ) I can get into the transition program to go straight to the ADN.  Well, if not i'll wait patiently or go to another school out in good ole South Carolina. 

Troubling to say that I am slowly grasping this concept that this will be my home for the next two to three years.  :(  It is not the best feeling when things aren't so good on the home front.  I will say this though.  I've been through a lot since i've return to SC and pretty much be able to pull myself out of about 10% of it.  I had the help of my ex-fiance which was great but none i'm starting to realize that I don't need to have a safety net because I lost my independence because I knew he was there.  My prior thoughts of my independence has become more of a shaded screen on a old southern porch. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

What the hell 4 lbs

On my mission to lose weight again.  ^_^ yes, I said it again.  I kind of got off the path to success.  Hell I fell off.  lol  Well, today started my everyday workout plan.  30 days to do 30 things to change my life.  I think its getting pretty serious when I can't get in some of my jeans that I was wearing 2 months ago.  SO, yeah, my thunder thighs and tummy or going to have to go.  So, this morning.  I got off my 12 hour night shift and went to the gym and did 35 minutes of Cardio.  I was pretty happy with myself for doing that.  I did the interval training and it really had my booty sweating.  I did however before leaving the gym weighed myself just to see where I am.  179  yeah this is the heaviest I've ever been. 

Apparently, Donnovan told me I shouldn't weigh myself after a workout but I need to weight myself before.  You are heavier after working.  Didn't know that.

Tar Baby Tip:
For the next two weeks no more starches!!  I'm going to die.  I ♥ rice and noodles with every little oxygen bubble in my body.  Rice and Corn ♥ me.  What would I be with out it.  So, Thanks Derius for ruining my next two weeks.

Vacate to the end.

This time off was much needed and I did a lot of destressing and just relaxing.  I figured out a lot of things that I needed to do for me and just focus on me right now.  I know that I will this again soon at a much needed time.  So, hopefully I will be okay.  I've stripped everything down from top to bottom and I am happy with the changes I've placed in my life.  Well see how that works for everyone else.

Ruff Ryders Anniv. Weekend.. Vacation day number ?

So before we even left SC.  Donnovan though it would be a good idea to get my car looked at before I left since I've been ignoring certain problems with it.  OH yeah, guess what I had at least 3,000 dollars worth of " OIL LEAKS"  It was crazy.  He did when we returned took it to Corey to look at and he said there full of shit.  The only good side about Honda they fix my gear problem and now I can move my gears without having to use the gear release and I have break lights now.  ^_^  Oh yeah.. Donnovan didn't trust my car before he took it to Corey so we had to go and pick up his brothers car. 

* Tip

Before borrowing black folks care arrive two hour early to clean that shit out.  Thanks Reece for letting us steal your car for the weekend though :)
Nothing like BW's before you hit the road.. Waiting on Honda

Went to pick up Tracy the older me.

Yes, driver can you please stop and get me some chips.
Road trip food!  For an hour away, lol YUMMY IN MY TUMMY

Our Exit was number Cinco, 5  off to the Marriot.


Group PIC

Ruff Ryder Meet and Greet

 Yeah, thats my friend.. HOBO RIDERS!

Yeah thats us.

Theres our body guard.

lol... yeah

Yeah.. lol

MY new boyfriend for that night... lol

There was even a Porn Star.. YEAH!!

The Night Workers even came out...

Got to love Hoes.. Theres so much fun


Loved his Patches!!!  I'm so wasted.

Lining up for our shots.. lol 

Time to go, lol

How we got our free drinks.


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